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Top tips for living in a Mono sexual.  world  

The saying goes in the world where everyone is blind the one-eyed person is king but really this is not true. In fact, that world would have been developed based on the believe that sight did not exist and everything would have been made for with texture, smell and audio taking over the need for colour or sight.

Sight could be seen as a positive disadvantage anyone with sight person nobody believes feels is delusional, deviant and wrong.


To me this is how I see the world views both our sexuality and our mental health issue is that the world in is designed for people who have limited moods and limited scope in their sexuality.


This means when it comes to support, advise or even empathy it is usually inadequate. It is hardly surprising that our mental and physical well-being is exasperated.

Top Tips for Surviving in a mono-sexual world

  1. Find your people. In the words of Doctor Who Y.A.N.A. (you are not alone). Finding other people who are from the Bisexual/pan community and other people who have Bipolar can make a huge difference to your outlook. Shared experiences, survival tips and humour.


Recommendations try the Bi network for more info on bi groups. suc , bipolar uk ,

 Bi Bi Hello, or maybe sci fi groups, where there seems a big cross over of bi bi people 


  1. Emergency list: Have a list of 3 people or organisations you can call and text 

When the repetitive negative or just do it, thoughts happen.

2. Own it, apologise move on: So, you made a mistake,  Maybe you’ve someone’s feelings, someone has been on the recipient of your anger. maybe you’ve put yourself at risk, maybe you put someone else at risk, done something stupid  
It might have been the Bi Polar, it might have been as a result of bullying or abuse but it happened and you did this.

3. Take responsibly for the impact.No excuses no blame of self or others.What do you need to do to repair the damage? 

4. Is it an apology, to others or yourself? is it going to get help from professional be it medical or financial or Union. In the words of Shakespere's sister  "To err is human to forgive is divine."



Trash Viewing /listening What’syou guilty viewing? mine is Skin wars. It combines just enough tension of will the annoying contestant be eliminated with pretty colours and nice bodies (shallow I know), Sometimes it’s just enough to drown out that 3 am in the morning moment when the thoughts will not stop or the negativity of every single crushing moment of your life since the you were five years old.

Verbal comebacks  write down a list of comeback lines to some of those stereotypes. Doesn’t matter if they are funny or even if they make sense, they just enough to make the person think twice before coming out with another one.


We’d love to hear your tips for survival of mono-sexual, mood limited world.

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